Project X is a full-service security consultancy. We will tailor a package for your business concerns, while helping you to identify areas of risk. 



A complete solution

Security must be built into your business from the ground up. We will work with you to create the best and safest secure business environment possible, ready to house user data and sensitive company information. 


Finding the gaps

Our testing mimics real world attacks, based on real threats. We know from our experience that these aren’t where you might expect. Whether the potential risks are with your systems, your people or your hardware, we’ll help you to identify them.


On the ground testing

Creating a secure environment can’t be achieved through remote testing alone. We offer a spectrum of testing services including tailgating, phishing, baiting and pretexting, designed to give you the full picture. Plus, because our technicians are local, your customer data stays in the country. 




Capacity building

Our Managed Security Services are perfect for medium to large organisations. Our dedicated IT security experts help manage the security of your organisation, while ensuring day-to-day functionality is maintained.


End-to-end options

Once a risk is identified, you can opt to work with us to resolve it. Otherwise, our user-friendly approach to reporting means that you can work with your in-house team or an existing supplier to get things back on track.